Mental health and the return to school

“We need to find more ways to make sure that we as a church in education hear what young people have got to say, they’ve got a lot to say and we need to hear it”

The founder of ClearMinds, Tana Macpherson-Smith, was this week interviewed by leading education podcast The Key.
Tana, who founded ClearMinds to combat the rise in mental healthissues in children and teenagers, spoke about young people’s wellbeing and the return to school.

In the podcast, she explains that the first seven years of our life are fundamental in terms of laying the foundations for our emotional mental health.

Tana shares practical ideas on how teachers and parents can identify and monitor young people who are struggling with their mental health. She advises them to look out for young people who are taking themselves away from others, repeatedly saying they can’t do things, exhibiting tiredness and anger and repeatedly craving attention.

Tana has created a highly successful educational programme, Monkey Wisdom, which is all about teaching children and teenagers the power of their thoughts to hold them in pain and negativity. The programme has a simple toolkit that helps young people challenge their thoughts and help them control their thinking. To find out more, about Monkey Wisdom and ClearMinds, contact us here.


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