Our Mission

ClearMinds is dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing of children and teenagers in the UK and Europe.

It is our belief that, with the right focus on children in their developing years, both at home and at school, every child has the opportunity to develop positive mental health, the ability to make the right choices and to set in place the best possible foundation for a future life free of mental health illness.

Young people face real dilemmas as they navigate their way through childhood, family relations, puberty, school life, the demands of exams and coping with parental expectations, new relationships and deciding what on earth they are going to do ‘when they grow up’!

In today’s society, such issues can prove extremely stressful, giving rise to the development of increasing mental health concerns, which are now starting to show at a very early age.

With an alarming 50% of all adult mental health illness (excluding dementia) being already set in place by the age of 14 years and 75% by the age of 24 years, the outlook has the potential to be very bleak for our children. But, as the Government has now recognised, with early intervention, encouragement and the right support, children have every chance of developing into resilient, happy, confident young adults who have a positive outlook and a strong sense of mental wellbeing.

ClearMinds trainers are committed to improving the lives of young people by offering a variety of programmes of support, education and coaching in schools and at home. We provide the very best tools for making wise choices, for developing great family relations and building strong platforms from which to take the leap from childhood and the security of the home and school, to embrace adulthood with vitality, strong minds, confidence and clear direction for the future.

We invite you to walk this journey with us and help young people to develop clear minds and a clear direction for the future. Together, let’s help them become the best they can be. Children are our future and we are proud and privileged to be a part of their journey!