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Tana Macpherson-Smith founded ClearMinds Education in 2015 to combat the rise in mental health issues in children and teenagers. She has created an educational programme, Monkey Wisdom, which draws on her skills as a teacher, coach, storyteller and therapist to help children and adults alike to easily understand how and why children are developing emotional and mental health issues that can last a lifetime.


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Anxiety or Anger Issues?

Is your Teenager experiencing emotional health issues?

Low Self-Esteem?

Are you at a loss as to how to support your child with their emotional wellbeing?

Being Bullied?

Does your child need a confidence boost before the new school year?

Tana works with children of all ages (and their parents!) and in schools across the UK, providing support, encouragement and a host of tools to help her clients take control of their thoughts and feelings and move from emotional instability toward positive mental wellbeing and bright futures.

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