Some commonly asked questions about ClearMinds and our practice. We keep this section regularly updated, so be sure to check back each time you visit.

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What happens in a parenting workshop/course?

There are usually between 6-20 parents attending the session, run by one or two facilitators. The sessions usually last two hours and are held in a central location (e.g. your child’s school). There will be a topic/focus and a variety of activities around that area such as group discussions, pairs/small group work, creative ideas, skills practice, motivational and inspirational suggestions, interactive activities and reflective thinking. Workshops are usually ‘stand-alone’ topics. Courses usually last between four and six weekly sessions. If you are attending a course, each one will build on the learning from the week before.

What if I'm worried about sharing private family information with strangers?

We are very clear about the importance of confidentiality within the group and ask people to undertake not to discuss anyone else’s circumstances outside the group setting. Everyone attending is in the same position and we have always found group members to be very respectful of this. We do have a duty of care to report any cause for concern about Risk of Harm, with a view to accessing the right kind of support.

Is it necessary for both parents to attend sessions?

It is ideal if both parents can attend, although this is not always necessary. Many single parents use our materials successfully. Families with both parents attending will experience many benefits at home and will learn how to work as a team to change their child’s behaviour. We find that, if both parents attend the sessions, they tend to communicate more effectively about parenting, argue and disagree less and support each other more.

Are the facilitators trained?

Yes. Our trainers have extensive experience and qualifications which enable them to deliver broad and balanced programmes, cover many issues that parents are concerned about, and provide practical and original ideas to promote effective relationships between family members.

What kind of issues do people seek help with?

We find that many parents do not necessarily have one burning issue they want help with and are usually looking for ways to enjoy their day-to-day experience of parenting more. Please see our list of courses here.

Some issues may include: childhood worries behaviour; social difficulties; sibling rivalry; anger; aggression; fears; low self-esteem; confidence; managing stress; bullying; disabilities – both physical and emotional; mental health; bereavement; divorce and separation; transitions and change; parental depression and anxiety and a whole host of other concerns.

We are also happy to have an individual consultation, if requested.

Why a group? Wouldn’t seeing someone individually be better?

The group setting widens the focus of our programmes, allowing us to cover more material while ensuring that individual concerns are also addressed and multiple perspectives heard. We find that group members benefit enormously from learning anecdotally from other parents’ issues and appreciate the support, reassurance and ideas that come uniquely from the group experience.

We can also offer 1-1 coaching, click here for more details.

How is it different than other parenting programmes?

The programme is interactive, educational and dynamic.

Experiential learning is the key and they are fun as well as being informative, enlightening and educational. We also have access to a wide variety of alternative therapies such as HorseHeard and Reiki. Click here to see more information, or email us for more details.

Do you do talks or workshops?

We are very happy to deliver talks, presentations or workshops to groups of parents, colleagues or professionals. These can be on either general or specific issues and include a wide range of themes such as:

Parenting: How to recognise the signs and symptoms of Mental Health illness in children and teenagers

The impact of technology on the mental health of children

Feedback from the Horse, and

Teenagers and motivational talks such as A Child All My Life, a heartfelt and humorous personal story of mental collapse and extraordinary recovery, otherwise entitled ‘I lived my whole life in six months!’ .

Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.