At ClearMinds, we understand the demands of parenthood at a time when the economy is poor, financial pressures are increasing and our children are exposed to more negative influences than we would wish. All these factors can cause additional pressure for the entire family during the already difficult child development and adolescent years. With the need to provide financial security for the family, sustaining a healthy life/work balance is proving harder than ever. Guilt, stress, frustration and frayed tempers are all too often the invasive partners in otherwise healthy family relationships.

ClearMinds offers Parent Workshops specifically designed to help you achieve a positive life balance and to challenge your thinking. Each programme will help you determine what is going well and what you want to improve in your life to ensure quality of life for you and the best possible parenting for your children. We also offer Personal Performance and Life Coaching on a 1-1 basis, providing support to parents wishing to explore areas that impact their lives, including the increasing demands of balancing good parenting while sustaining full or part-time employment.

Our workshops cover myriad themes and encourage active participation; incorporate thought-provoking and reflective exercises and offer parents the chance to gain valuable support and guidance with any issues you may encounter in your family lives.