All too often members of any family can break away from their family members, or become ill in some way. Some children and teens kick back and cause friction whilst some parents are so stressed with all the demands on their time and energy that family relations can easily collapse. If there is any issue in your family life that is causing discord or if you simply want to rekindle unity and opportunity within your family unit, give us a call. We offer families the opportunity to come to understand each other better, to learn to identify and appreciate the positives and strengths in each family member and embrace the individuality of all.


  • Our confidential sessions can be provided in a range of formats (online, phone or face-to-face) so that you can choose the one that works best for you. Face-to-face sessions are usually conducted at your home or a mutually agreed location (additional travelling costs may be incurred).
  • Sessions are for parents, carers, step parents, foster parents, lone parents, grandparents etc with children of all ages.
  • You will learn how emotional literacy techniques don’t focus on ‘the problem child’, instead by focusing on altering the family dynamic, powerful changes can occur. When one person changes how they act, they have an effect on every other family member; you will develop the skills you already have and learn some new ones that you can embrace to make positive changes.
  • You will become aware that by taking care of yourself, you teach everyone in your family how to care for themselves; how to cope with anger; how to make requests that are heard rather than demands that infuriate; you will become an aware of feelings and needs; why people behave the way they do; how to manage emotions and much more besides.
  • How to reduce stress, guilt and negativity.
  • Ways to remain calm when all your buttons are pressed.
  • We will explore alternative ways to shouting
  • Ideas to increase confidence, control and develop effective parenting skills.
  • Successful strategies to deal with children’s challenging behaviour.
  • Consider how to use positive discipline.
  • Create solutions to problems that occur e.g. manic mornings, bedtime battles, meal time conflicts, arguments, transitions, sibling rivalry, setting & maintaining boundaries, parental separation, bereavement, changes in school, house, family etc.
  • Putting parents back in the ‘driving seat’ whilst respecting your young person’s feelings & needs.
  • Learn how to use powerful techniques that are firm, fair and effective.
  • Build strong relationships with your children – raising them to become happy, confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent.