Monkey Wisdom is an educational and training programme, developed for ClearMinds, that provides an easily accessible, unique and practical methodology for children and teenagers to be taught everything they need to know about their own mental health and wellbeing.

  • The programme explains how and why emotional, behavioural and mental health issues can and very often do develop in children. This information is presented in a way that makes it as accessible for a five-year-old as it is for teenagers and adults.
  • The training provides a host of tools for both children and adults to use and incorporate in their daily life to help them overcome emotional issues, take charge of their thinking and change already embedded negative thinking, emotions and behaviours for the better.

The programmes embodies the concept that each of us has an inner-monkey that lives with us and orchestrates all of our thinking, until we take charge of him/her; the imagery and storytelling that comes with Monkey Wisdom makes this training fun and accessible to all.

The tools developed for the Monkey Wisdom programme for children and teenagers puts them in control of changing their outlook, enhancing their emotional resilience and mental wellbeing, and thus enables them to move towards bright futures full of optimism. They also provide the ability to achieve success in whatever they strive to be, do or have in their lives.

The tools and learning provided through the Monkey Wisdom programme are an integral part of the ClearMinds Education approach to improving the lives of children and teenagers everywhere, by tackling the critical issues of the rise in emotional disruption and mental health from the grassroots up; ie from conception onwards. The programme is as important for anyone planning to have children as it is for those who live with, love, teach and care for children.

Together, we really can change the face of mental wellbeing for the younger generation, and thus greatly improve the mental wellbeing of future adult generations.

For more information on the Monkey Widsom teachings, please contact us.