Our Trainers

ClearMinds trainers are teachers and coaches who bring to their clients a wealth of experience and expertise combined with genuine passion for working with children, teenagers and parents.

All our trainers understand the impact of mental health issues on the development of a young person: we work to build bright futures for young people and to dispel the fear and stigma attached to mental health illness.

Tana Macpherson-Smith Founder

Tana has twenty-five years’ experience in education as a teacher and senior leader in secondary schools, as a boarding school housemistress, prep school Governor, Marketing Director and creator of life-changing events for young people.

She is deeply intuitive in her ability to connect with young people, devoting her time to inspiring them to develop positive mental attitudes, clear ambition for their and the resilience to meet life's challenges head-on.

Having lived (as a housemistress and parent) and worked with large numbers of teenagers over many years, she understands fully, the wide range of mental health issues that affect teenagers.  Eating disorders, stress, self-harm, addictions, low-self esteem, victimisation, collapsing family relations, exam pressure, parental expectation and the impact of technology and social media on children and teenagers are an area of specific interest. She understands the impact of modern living on the mental health of young people and as a trained Mental Health First Aider, Tana delivers presentations which enable people to recognise the signs and symptoms of developing concerns.  She inspires confidence and a desire for positive change in children and adults alike.  As a trained Parent and Youth Impact Coach, Personal Development Coach and NLP Practitioner.  Drawing on her personal experience of living with mental health illness, Tana enables clients to develop confidence and positive aspirations for the future.  She works in prep and primary schools, running workshops and developing tailor-made lesson plan the school curriculum, whilst also offering small group and 1-1 coaching.  She works closely with teenagers wanting to achieve more in their lives or who need additional support in finding their way through the myriad issues they face through their adolescent years.

Email Tana direct: tana@clearminds.org

Call Tana: +44(0)7710 479985

Debbie Channing Founder

Debbie has twenty-five years’ experience as a parent/youth coach specialising in individual support and group facilitation, both privately and with Hertfordshire and Essex County Councils.

Debbie is a positive, friendly and professional Personal Performance (Life) Coach, Youth Impact Coach, Small Business and Corporate Coach.

Her down to earth approach and ability to inspire confidence in those with whom she works, makes her a much sought after trainer and coach.  She focuses on family and parent coaching as facilitator, individual support worker, trainer and Neuro-linguistic Master Practitioner.  Running highly innovative, thought-provoking and interactive parenting workshops, she offers family support work and one-to-one coaching to children, teenagers and adults.  Using a combination of coaching, NLP and relaxation techniques she enables them to let go of unwanted behaviours and habits and develop a positive mental attitude towards life. Debbie offers DiSC personality profiling, supporting families to work in a more cohesive and effective way and embracing similarities and differences in its members.  Debbie’s wealth of experience enables her to provide really effective guidance and support to both children and parents alike, helping them to unearth their own solutions to problems being experienced through her dynamic programmes.

Debbie heads the ClearMinds Parenting programme through schools and the community.

Email Debbie direct: debbie@clearminds.org

Call Debbie: +44(0)7748 598660

Pollyanna Gleeson Reiki/Holistic Therapies

Pollyanna is a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist offering Reiki, Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. She qualified as a Reiki Master in 2001 and obtained her diploma in holistic treatments in 2004 since when she has worked extensively using her holistic therapies with adults.

In recent years, Pollyanna has extended her services by developing a Reiki programme specifically for children and teenagers. Her work with young people has helped them to deal with issues such as exam stress, anxiety after parental divorce or separation, moving home or schools, friendship
problems and the need for better life balance. Anxiety and stress can manifest as diverse symptoms such as migraines, eating disorders, muscle pain, depression and panic attacks all of which can be greatly improved through regular Reiki.

Working in tandem with our ClearMinds trainers, Pollyanna offers Reiki and her other therapies to children and teenagers as part of their personal development programmes. She has achieved exceptional results in this arena and is a huge asset to the organisation, in supporting and enhancing the benefits of the work we do. Pollyanna’s ability to tune into each of her clients is remarkable and she is able to provide them not only with an hour of quiet time focused entirely on them, but to leave her clients feeling more balanced, calmer, lighter and stronger as they continue to deal with life’s issues or challenges. Providing Reiki for all family members, can bring greater balance and harmony to the group and certainly her work with parents who are stressed, frustrated and just out-of-kilter with themselves and their children, has proved to be life-changing for many.

There can be confusion as to what Reiki actually is, as it cannot be seen and there is no physical contact between the therapist and the client during treatment. Reiki involves work in the aura and clearing the chakras. The client lies on a therapy bed, fully clothed and under warm blankets. Dimmed lighting, candles and soft music create an atmosphere of calm. The attention is entirely on the wellbeing of the client, each of whom will approach the session differently: many fall asleep for the entire hour, some make observations and others talk continually throughout! Each will do
whatever feels right and appropriate and the beauty of this treatment is the opportunity for total focus on the individual! Even our most reluctant clients (often the men!) find these treatments to be very powerful and they invariably come back for further bookings.

One of the benefits of Reiki is that the client does not need to tell Pollyanna anything about what it is that is troubling them or even to believe in power of Reiki for it to work. This has proved to be very useful with reluctant teenagers but with time they come to enjoy it so much they often do not want to stop. The official term of Reiki is Universal Energy originating from Japan.

Tana is one of those people with whom you instantly connect. I knew from day one that she would be in my life whether we’re living 10 miles or 1000 miles apart. To this day I consider Tana to be one of the few people that I’ve truly let in to my heart and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.
— Ella G, 18 yrs old
Tana was more than just a teacher to me, she managed to find the perfect balance between her professionalism and the care and attention she showed me. I was diagnosed with a medical condition during a very crucial time at school. Tana was always there to listen. Her own life experiences made her the perfect candidate to guide me through the obstacles that stood in my way. Up to this day I am in touch with Tana and I will always value her friendship and the way in which she took me under her wing.
— Antonia F, 20 yrs old