Horse Power

We are proud to work in association with HorseHeard, a not-for-profit social enterprise company created to deliver experiential workshops with horses for personal development and social benefit, developing key emotional and social intelligence skills with their clients through their unique and astonishing workshops with horses.

Where possible, we offer all our clients the opportunity to take part in private or group experiential horse workshops. It is almost impossible to explain the impact of these workshops where children and adults, families and teachers work in small groups with a horse on a leading reign or untethered.  No riding is involved and even for those who are totally afraid of horses, are able to overcome that fear and come away from the workshop having gained an extraordinary new insights into their emotional framework, fears, strengths and weaknesses.  This invaluable and productive means of self-exploration often brings even the toughest to tears! 

Families, teachers, parents and school children are warmly invited to take the leap, in joining one of our personally tailor-made workshops, designed to help each individual develop a unique personal insight through their work with these wonderful animals.  This has to be experienced to have any real concept of the impact of this work on the individual.

The Horse as a Teacher:

As a prey animal horses are incredibly sensitive to their environment and those around them.

  • They pick up on our real intentions and non-verbal communication and respond honestly to that.
  • They provide a non-judgmental mirror to how we are being and behaving around them, moment by moment..
  • They demonstrate the impact of our thoughts, beliefs, internal dialogue and judgements on the people around us.
  • They are a half a ton feedback model.

Aside from our own client workshops, HorseHeard offers outstanding opportunities for young people to reap the full benefits of their work with horses through the following programmes:

Being Friends

The Being Friends programme sets out to work with mainstream Primary Schools and Year 5 school children and their teaching staff to develop emotional resilience.

In so doing it acknowledges similarities and differences; expressing feelings, caring for one’s self and others, as well as developing communication and recognizing that everyone has the potential to enhance their relationships and choose their behaviours.

The core outcomes from this programme are about developing and maintaining friendship and community, specifically:

  • Develop and maintain friendships;
  • Work with and care for others;
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem, and;
  • Reduce inappropriate behaviour through awareness of choice.

Click here to find more about the Being Friends experience.

Take the Leap

Take the LEAP is our programme which works with college students and other teenage groups to develop life skills sought by employers.

It targets leadership and employability, helping them to develop and practice SMART goal setting. Through a combination of individual and group challenges they can sharpen and demonstrate their self-awareness and confidence, as well as the ability to work with and influence others. Developing skills that are applicable from the examination room, to the interview and on into the workplace.

Those attending the programme should expect outcomes which reflect:

  • Heightened self-awareness and core-life skills;
  • Attain a greater level of confidence and self-esteem around personal goal setting;
  • Understand one’s personal power and the benefits of self-management;
  • A greater understanding of the demands of the workplace.

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