Holistic Therapies

At ClearMinds we recognise the value of ‘me’ time, not only for restoring one’s sanity in busy times, but for giving your mind and body time to step off the treadmill of life and recharge the batteries.

There are few who genuinely dislike being the absolute centre of someone else’s focus for an hour on occasion.  In Pollyanna Gleeson, we have an outstanding partner who brings to the team, not only many different ‘me’ time holistic therapies, but also extraordinary complementary therapy that works hand in hand with our work.  Pollyanna has worked increasingly with those suffering from stress and anxiety as well as those with really deep-rooted issues.  She specialises in working with young people, easing them into a world of support and recognition, with her energy healing providing genuinely positive experiences that are truly hard to explain!  The results of her work with teens and adults alike have proved powerful in providing insight into the cause of many long-held negative beliefs and in opening up opportunities for the future.

How do the sessions work?

Clients do nothing more than lie on a therapy bed, tucked under warm blankets for an hour of peaceful me-time during which many talk about what is going on in their lives, but the majority take the opportunity to drift or fall deep asleep for the hour.

Pollyanna’s expertise as an energy healer allows her the opportunity to work on physical or emotional ailments. Many of those she has now treated were wholly sceptical about the benefit of what they consider to be mumbo-jumbo treatment, only to be blown away by the results.  It is impossible to explain the diversity of what happens in these sessions, and we leave to decide whether you are open-minded enough to explore Pollyanna’s range of treatments and see for yourself what a difference just an hour on a regular basis can make.  Her work is proving as popular with teenagers as with adults and working in tandem with the ClearMinds team, we hope to provide highlight moments with long term benefits.

sceptical about holistic therapy?

We challenge you to put apprehension aside and try one of the following treatments with Pollyanna and hope that you too will find reward for your ‘bravery’!

Specialist treatments we offer:

  • Reiki

  • Reflexology

  • Aromatherapy Massage

  • Swedish Massage

  • Indian Head Massage